Main Connectives Again


Part I : Which are the main connectives of the following five sentences?

a)  (JavTa)>Rb

b) (~La>~Fb)vTc

c)     ~~Ka

d)    (Kb&Rb)>~Tb

e) (~Ba=J)&(~Lbv~T)

HINT: there is one main connective for each of these sentences. Only atomic sentences have no main connective.











Connective Tool:

Try to build sentences. Check them by entering in the box below. As you build, you should see what the main connective is: it's always the last one you put in. If you've entered a non-sentence, you'll get question marks and no main connective.

main connective:

(Example: Enter '~Fav(Kb>Rc)' and see what you get. Then enter some arbitrary sentences. Perhaps enter a couple of short setences 'Fa=~Pa' and '~Fa&~Pa' maybe, then put them together with and '&'. This last '&' will be the main connective.)