Critical Thinking

This last week you have some choice. Either do the 3.5b Araucaria posting or do some critical thinking about critical thinking. For the second option, read on.

It's time to try to put it all together. We've done a lot of formal work in this class. And much informal. Now it would be good to investigate a couple of questions.

  1. How does all this formal work -- symbolizations into formal languages like PL, Venn diagrams, derivations, etc. -- has to do with real-life critical thinking. (BTW, critical thinking isn't just skeptical thinking...you should assess the claim that formal work helps critically but with an open mind!)
  2. How does our discussion of informal matters fit in? For this one think about the various types of argument that can be cogent. And think about the definitions that go along with that of "cogent".

Then post some of your thoughts. This could help you work out your (optional) final essay.