6.6d: Symbolizations in PL with Quantifiers


Universe of Discourse: Animals

Mx: x is a mammal, Rx: x is a reptile; Wx: x is wild; Hx: x is happy; Fx: x is free.

Don't forget how to get an answer. Also, there are good keyboard shortcuts: Instead of typing out '(^x)' for the universal quantifier, type 'Vx' (no parentheses needed). This will turn into '(^x)' after you press TAB. Similarly, for the existential quantifier, type '3x'.
  1. All mammals are happy.
  2. All wild mammals are happy.
  3. Some mammals are happy and free.
  4. No mammals are reptiles.
  5. No wild mammals are happy and free.
  6. Some mammals are happy and tame. (tame = not wild)

  7. All wild mammals are free.
  8. All wild mammals are free but unhappy.
  9. No wild reptiles are happy mammals.

  10. Some happy mammals are free.