4.5f Review Exercises
Symbolizations for Lecture

Use the following interpretation to symbolize:

A: Ames is a politician.
B: Bates is a politician.
C: Connors is a politician.
D: Ames is disreputable.
E: Bates is emotional.
F: Connors is fastidious.

Remember that you can always get the answer by entering '?'.
  1. Both Ames is a politician unless he's disreputable and Connors is fastidious.
  2. Ames is no politician only if he's disreputable.
  3. Ames is a politician if he's not disreputable.
  4. Neither Ames nor Bates is a politician.
  5. If Ames is a politician only if he's not disreputable then Bates is a politician.