4.5d: Symbolizations in SL

Let's not forget how to do symbolization with names. These work just like all the others we've been seeing. But it's good to keep in mind that we can have names.

a: Ames, b: Bates, c: Connors

P_:  ___ is a politician.
D_:  ___ is disreputable.

You must use upper and lower case letters here: You WILL need the shift-key!

  1. Ames is a politician.
  2. Neither Ames nor Bates is disreputable.
  3. Connors is not disreputable but he is a politician.
  4. Bates is a politician only if she is disreputable.
  5. Ames is a politician unless he is disreputable.
  6. If Bates is a politician, then neither of the other two are.
  7. Ames is disreputable if Bates is a politician.