2.2c: Symbolizations in SL

Let's do some elementary symbolizations. The idea is to take a sentence, like "Agnes and Bob will attend law school" and symbolize it, here as 'A&B'. What you'll do is a) press the "start" link just below, b) read a sentence of English, and c) type in its symbolization and press TAB.

Remember to type the ">" symbol for horseshoe and the "=" symbol for the triple bar.

Use the following interpretation to symbolize 1 - 5 in the space provided.

B: Bush is a philosopher.
H: Hobbes is a philosopher.
M: Madden is a philosopher.

  1. Both Bush and Madden are philosophers. (hint)
  2. Bush is a philosopher only if Madden is.
  3. Bush and Madden are both non-philosophers. (hint)
  4. Hobbes is a philosopher but neither of the other two are philosophers. (hint)
  5. If either Bush or Hobbes is a philosopher, then Madden is also a philosopher. (hint)
  6. If both Madden and Bush are philosophers, then Hobbes is too. (hint)
  7. If Bush is a philosopher then Hobbes is not.
  8. Bush is not a philosopher however Hobbes is. (hint)
  9. If both Madden and Bush are non-philosophers, then (of course) Madden is a non-philosopher. (hint)
  10. Hobbes is a philosopher if Bush is not. (hint)




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