Forms and Fallacies

For each of the follwoing you will need 2_1.scm. This should be on your desktop...we downloaded everythign there after the first posting. (You can do this again if you need to: Run this little Windows program and unzip all the files to your desktop).

NOTE: You will need to post at least three separate diagrams this week. You may want to do this on separate occasions. Just reply to yourself.

1. First, go back to 1_1.txt and let's find that one fallacy...the form that is NONE of MP, MT, or DS. It will either be AC or DA.

2. Load 2_1a.txt into Araucaria. (This too should be on your desktop or comes from the Window program.) Make sure you still have 2_1.scm loaded. Label these four arguments with the scheme file choices (DS, MP, MT, AC, DA) as before, then post.

3. Now, we'll do something a little different. Here's an argument from last week. This one IS valid. But, because Jan is a friend of mine, a poor, philosopher friend, I can say something about it beyond that it is valid:

This argument has one false premise, the conditional, and one true.

It's a silly argument because it premises the silly statement that if my friend is a philosopher, then he's rich! So, it is NOT SOUND.

So, we see how I've marked it. I Right Click a statement box, choose Modify Evaluation, and type in "True" or "False". Then I Right Click the arrow, choose Modify Evaluation, and type in "Unsound".


Now, you can open 2_1.txt and make sure you still have 2_1.scm loaded. Now, just go through the four arguments, give them four tree diagrams marked up in this new way, and save as one or many jpeg(s). Post these by the end of the weekend. [[New suggestion: You could also put the word "unsound" down under "Jan is no philosopher" as part of its evaluation and after the word "False". If your scheme files aren't working, you could put "MT" down there too.]]

Hint: If you save as one jpeg, it may need to be viewed in a big window to see it full size.