Help for writing textfiles: Just save from Notepad

This help file is meant to show you how to take a bit of rich text or fancy doucment, and reduce it to bare mininimum text: A text or ".txt" file for use in Auracaria.

Suppose you want to take an argument/counterargument and put it into Aruacaria for analysis. Perhaps you found something like this little (very little!) argument and rebuttal in the popular press:

Asians decry Adidas shoe as misstep:
Character on shoe has buck teeth, bowl haircut, slanted eyes

By Michael Tunison

The Washington Post

Updated: 3:33 a.m. ET April 14, 2006

...Others point out that McGee's mother is Chinese and that he often uses art to explode stereotypes of Asians. On the blog AdJab, Adam Finley wrote, "My theory . . . is that Adidas is trying to target a younger, hipper demographic that is already familiar with the underground art world and the images can seem controversial when not seen in the proper context."



You may first copy the from the Web. Then you paste it into Notepad (or other word processsor to save as a text file). And save it into the Auracaria Textfiles subfolder.

If that's not something you normally do, then follow these directions: