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Each of the following expressions breaks the rules of correct grammar. Change the expression slightly (e.g., reorder, add a connective or parentheses) to make it fit the rules for sentence construction. Then press TAB. If an exclamation point is added, you're new expression is grammatically correct! If you get "???" added, then go back and do it again!

Note: use "%" for the 'backward-E' and "^" for the 'upside-down A'.







And now move on to think about main connectives...






























Connective Tool:

Try to build sentences. Check them by entering in the box below. As you build, you should see what the main connective is: it's always the last one you put in. If you've entered a non-sentence, you'll get question marks and no main connective.

Start by "fixing" this incorrect sentence (hint):

main connective:

(Example: Enter '(^x)Bx' and see what you get. Then enter some arbitrary sentences. Then play around a bit...)

Key Phrase and WrapThe Key Phrase for Topic 10 is "strategy".