T6.1: 3 of 5

Symbolization in PL, with names but not quantifiers, is something we've already done. But it's good to keep in practice. So, let's do a short exercise right now. The reference to chapter two and to chapter four have important reminders.

6.1b: Symbolizations in PL without Quantifiers

Let's do some symbolization with names.

F_ : __ is a faker;      P_ : __ is a professor
h: Halpin;  b: George W. Bush

You must use upper and lower case letters here: You WILL need the shift-key!

  1. Halpin is a faker but not a professor.
  2. Neither Halpin nor Bush is a faker.
  3. If Halpin and Bush are both fakers, then neither is a professor. (hint)
  4. Bush is a faker unless Halpin is a professor.
  5. Bush is a faker only if Halpin is both a professor and a faker. (hint)
  6. If Halpin is a professor if he's not a faker, then he is either a professor or he a faker. (hint)
  7. If Halpin is both a professor and a faker, then Bush is neither of these. (hint)