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The English phrase "it's not the case that" is much like SL's tilde, '~'. Both are unary connectives which take a single sentence and produce a new one. So, our easy example,

It's not the case the Agnes will attend law school,

can be symbolized as


But we've seen a number of English alternatives expressing negation. All of the following will express the same thing as 3 and can be symbolized as '~A'.

Agnes will not attend law school.
Agnes won't attend law school.
There will be no law school in Agnes' future.
Agnes is to be a non-law student.

And so forth. The different ways to express negation are limited only by one's imagination.

Which of the following are negations? Click on all correct answers.

Bob isn't to attend law school.
Bob is under a false impression.
Bob is unscrupulous.
It's false that Bob is a cop.