The Logic Café's
Formal and Informal Logic

Welcome to The Logic Café's online course in logic. This web site includes your textbook, lectures, exercises, and a virtual teaching assistant.

Of course, because the class is online, all these things are a little different in the Café:

The lectures, textbook, and exercises are integrated with the Café's virtual teaching assistant.

Hopefully, this integration will make learning logic easier!


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Often you'll come to virtual chalkboard presentations in the middle of your tutorial. We'll call these "Flashboards" because they require that you have Flash installed for your browser. (It's free at
   Here's a starter Flashboard. Just click on the symbol or words just below.

Put your "Mouse" pointer here! 

































OK, now let's look at another tool. This is a simple audio presentation. (But this may not work if your Flash Security settings are too high: Visit