Chapter Three


Clues Across
2. If an argument's truth table has a row making its premises true and conclusion false, we say the argument is ______.
4. Two sentences of SL having the same truth values in each truth value assignment (row) are logically _________.
6. The partial truth value assignments of a sentence are represented on a table as _______.
7. The truth values of a sentence are found under its ________ connective.
8. If a sentence's truth values are ______ in every row, we call it logically _______.
Clues Down
1. A collection of sentences all of which are true in some one truth value assignment are _______.
3. A sentence true in some rows but false in others is ________ indeterminate.
5. A partial ______ value assignment is an assignment of truth values to some but not all atomic sentences.
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