No Logic Font?

If you are still are unable to get the Logic Font working on your machine, here's an alternative.

  1. Click "preferences" on the left.
  2. Select "no" to the question "Logic Font Installed?".

That's it.

Now go do a PL symbolization exercise. Or a PL derivation. You'll see — and can use — quantifiers like '(Vx)' and '(3x)' for the universal and existential quantifiers in all input fields.

Still, in exercise descriptions, tutorials, reference manual, and other exercises you will still see '^' and '%'. It remains preferable to get the logic font working. (For the Mac see the special instructions. For Windows, download the logic font from the main café window, double click it to "unpack" or "unzip". If the directions given by Windows and me don't work try this: drag the Logic.ttf file into your Fonts folder. The Fonts folder is found in the control panel or in the windows folder.)