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This is your logic universe! Well, anyway, it keeps track of your thoughts, results, and preferences. (If more than one person is using this computer, you'll be leaving notes to each other!)

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resultsTrack: Below are the results of the your work on exercises, quizzes, and tutorials. (Refresh these results if you've finished work in another window.)

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Printing the Café:You may print any of the pages you see displayed. But that's an expensive and annoying process. Instead, you may want to print only the reference manuals. (See the links on the main contents page.)

  • You may also print the statements of the exercises chapter by chapter. Here are all the links in one place. Chapter One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.
  • In addition, your work in exercises may be saved or printed. Do so just after completion. (Only a list of completed exercises is saved in resultsTrack, not the work itself.)
  • After a tutorial is completed, you will be given the option to view or print it as a unit (rather than as a number of pages). A "printable tutorial" shows all pages except exercises and quizzes. Here are your completed tutorials:


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(Set to 'No' if you wish to see and use '3' and 'V' in place of the existential and universal symbols. This works only in symbolizations and derivations. The tutorials, reference manuals and other exercises and quizzes will still display '^' and '%' if you don't have the Logic font. It's best to download this font for complete and consistent display of symbols.)

Reference Manual Background: yes no (enter "no" to remove background; this may help some of you to better print the manual. Ignore this field unless you have printing difficulty or just prefer a white background.)

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Table Size: Set the size for truth tables in the exercises of 3.2 to 3.5. Use this to make the tables easier to work with: more visible but not hidden beneath a frame. Sizes between 8 and 12 are best for most people.

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