Mac/Linux Downloads
(Last updated: November 14, 2013 )


NEW: It may be best to use Unarchiver for .sit files. You can get it free many places including here:

Here's the Café, in it's entirety (excepting multimedia and recent updates) as a Stuff-It, .sit file:

The Logic Café for Macintosh and Linux

(You may need to SHFT-click or Command-click this link depending on your browser. In any case, you need to choose to save the target of this link onto your computer. You'll need a .sit file exapander to unzip these.)

This file is from September of 2001. I'll try to update it, if anyone wants a new version. E-mail me at

Here's the Logic Font for the Mac:

Logic.sit (if you have a .sit file expander)

Logic.dat (for everyone else; this should be all you need.)

Save either file to your desktop. (If you downloaded the .sit file, double click it to get the .dat file.) Then, to finish the install, just drag Logic.dat into your fonts folder. (You'll find the fonts folder in the system folder. If you need further help, just go to Help and search for "managing fonts".)

A .sit file expander, is free from Aladdin Systems.

Also, the Aladdin Expander is supposed to be able to expand .zip files. If so, it should be able to expand all the other download files of the café. But I've not yet tried this.