Hints that may help...

If you experience problems with a Logic Café page: this may mean that the directions are not clear enough or that the web page contains a "bug". Please let me know at halpin@oakland.edu. But it may also mean that the page did not download properly. If you are working online, just click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button to get a new copy of the page on your computer.

If you have a copy of Logic Café permanently residing on your computer everything will work much more quickly. Just go to the "downloads" option on the home page.

To print a Café page, you may want to select a "frame" by clicking it with your mouse pointer. Only the selected frame will print. If you're not sure what a frame is, check out the Web help page. (You may also be able to choose "print preview" to see what will print.)

If your screen "resolution" will not allow you to see enough of a web page, you many do several things to improve your view:

  1. Reset your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 (or at least 800 x 600) if your system allows this. This works best with a 17" or better monitor but is fine with a decent 15". (In Widows , this can be done by RIGHT clicking on the desktop, then clicking "properties" and "settings".)
  2. Use the "compact contents". Select this from preferences.
  3. Change the size of the characters on screen. In Internet Explorer, choose "View" from the menu bar (next to "Edit"), then choose "Fonts" or "Text Size" and "Smaller". In Netscape Navigator, simply hold down the control or command key and (at the same time) type '['. (If this works well for you, make the change permanent by setting preferences for the appropriate size. Choose "Edit", "Preferences", "Appearance", "Fonts" and then set the "Size" of the variable width font.)
  4. Drag the border between the left contents frame and the right frame so that you can see more of what's on the right.
  5. Open the page which is hard to see in its own window. Then make that window full size. (In most browsers, this can be done by RIGHT clicking on the link and selecting "open in new window".)
  6. If you're using Internet Explorer, or recent versions of Netscape, select "Full Screen Mode". (Press F11.)

Learn to use keyboard shortcuts. You often don't have to use the shift-key. Sometimes you can get the Café to anticipate what you need to type and do it for you.

Learn to have more than one browser window open at a time! That way you can switch back and forth between notes, reference manual, tutorial, and exercises.

Demonstrations will show you how to do logic exercises. They often run quickly; when you need to pause one for closer inspection, just place the mouse pointer over the sign. If you click the stop sign, you'll stop the demonstration altogether and go to its end. From that point you can move on to the next web page or replay the demo. Check it out.

You may also set demonstration speed on the preferences page.