Chapter Seven:
Predicate Logic
Semantics and Symbolization

In this chapter, we give a better definition of meaning for PL sentences. Then we can look at some more sophisticated symbolization of English into PL. The goal here is to provide a precise handle on both PL and English meaning.

Start with the introductory tutorials presented below, then print out the reference manual for this chapter (that way you'll have a concise statement of this chapter's details to refer to even when away from the computer.) Finally, and most importantly, carefully work your way through the chapter exercises.

Still don't have the Logic Font? Having problems installing it? Here's how to better display quantifiers in exercises even when you don't have the font.

Tutorials for Chapter Seven

1. PL Semantics
      — Semantics Demo
2. Basic Forms
3. Complex Symbolization

Exercises for Chapter Seven

7.1ex I Semantics for quantified sentences.
7.1ex II Multiple Choice
7.1ex III Concepts
7.1ex IV Informal Proofs for Semantics
7.1ex V Informal Proofs for Validity and Invalidity

7.2ex I Symbolizations
7.2ex II Multiple Choice
7.2ex III Categorical Symbolizations
7.2ex IV More Symbolizations

7.3ex I Which Quantifier?
7.3ex II Multiple Quantifiers
7.3ex III Complex Subjects and Predicates
7.3ex IV More Symbolizations
7.3ex V A Logic Puzzle

Chapter 7: Statement of the exercises.