Chapter Four:
Symbolization in SL

This chapter extends chapter two's work on symbolizing: the translation of English into SL. So, you should have a good handle on that material. To review, look to the reference manual on symbolization or (for a fuller treatment) to the symbolization tutorial.

The goal of this chapter is to extend this earlier material to more interesting symbolizations now that we have a clearer understanding of SL from our study of truth tables.

Start with the introductory tutorials presented below, then print out the reference manual for this chapter (that way you'll have a concise statement of this chapter's details to refer to even when away from the computer.) Finally, and most importantly, carefully work your way through the chapter exercises.

Tutorials for Chapter Four

1. Basic Symbolizations and Expressive Completeness
2. Complex Symbolization
Part I: Analyzing Complexity
Part II: Symbolizations which Quantify
3. Controversial Symbolizations

Exercises for Chapter Four

4.1ex I Basic Symbolizations

4.2ex I Multiple Choice
4.2ex II Complex Symbolizations
       Flash Symbolization Help
4.2ex III Symbolizations that Quantify

4.3ex I T/F and Explain

Review Exercises:I,II, III (General symbolization exercises; these are most important.)

Printable statement of the exercises.