Chapter Two:
An Introduction to Sentence Logic

This chapter is our first stab at symbolic logic. It introduces what is called "sentence logic" or "SL", the simple logic of compound sentences. Yet for all it's simplicity, SL provides the foundation for the more sophisticated logic we learn later. So, it's essential that you learn all the details! Once again: It's essential that you come to know SL thoroughly because it is the basis of all the later chapters!

This chapter goes hand in hand with each of the next two. For instance, your instructor may ask you to move from tutorial two on to chapter four. There is no set order in which to do these chapters.

Start with the introductory tutorials presented below, then print out the reference manual for this chapter (that way you'll have a concise statement of this chapter's details to refer to even when away from the computer.) Finally, and most importantly, carefully work your way through the chapter exercises.

Tutorials for Chapter Two

1. SL: Ideas and Examples
2. Semantics: Truth Conditions and Truth Tables
3. Truth Functional and non-Truth Functional Connectives
4. Symbolization: A Second Pass
5. Syntax: The Grammar of SL

Exercises for Chapter Two

2.1ex I Basic Symbolizations
         Flash: Chapter 2's Symbolizations
2.1ex II Multiple Choice

2.2ex I Drag
2.2ex II Multiple Choice: Semantics
2.2ex III More Semantics

2.3ex I Multiple Choice
2.3ex II Examples

2.4ex I Symbolizations
2.4ex II More Symbolizations
2.4ex III Still More Symbolizations

2.5ex I Basic Syntax
2.5ex II Logical Form

Review Puzzles and Exercises:I,II,III,Crossword

Printable statement of the exercises.