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Symbolizations Revisited

Let's review a bit by doing some further symbolizations.

Remember to type the ">" symbol for horseshoe and the "=" symbol for the triple bar.


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Use the following interpretation and symbolize each of the following in the space provided:

A: Ames is a politician.
B: Bates is a politician.
C: Connors is a politician.
     D: Ames is disreputable.
E: Bates is emotional.
F: Connors is fastidious.

          Symbolization Guide
  1. Ames is a politician just in case he's disreputable. (Hint)
  2. Neither Bates nor Connors is a politician. (Hint)
  3. Ames is a politician only if he's not disreputable. (Hint)
  4. Bates's being emotional is a necessary condition for her to be a politician. (Hint)
  5. Connors is not both fastidious and a politician. (Hint)
  6. Ames is a politician unless Connors isn't one.
  7. Ames' being a politician is a sufficient condition for him to be disreputable.
  8. Ames is disreputable if he's a politician.