Symbolization Exam for T7:

You will need to do this exam as many times as it takes to answer each question with at most two errors. Then print or save your results page to show will pop up and say "Congratulations!"...AND GIVE THE CODE!

The universal quantifier is typed with the '^' key and the existential with the '%'. Get the logic font to see these correctly OR click here to use the 'V' and '3' keys instead.

Name: (Now, don't try to put someone else's name here. Café security is monitored by CIA operatives. I'm a little bit serious about this CIA thing.)


Symbolize each of the following using this key:

universe of discourse: People at OU including our friends Agnes and Bob
a: Agnes, b: Bob
Wx: x will go to law school
Mx: x will be miserable
Lxy: x loves y

Make sure you get feedback for each answer: press TAB after typing in your symbolization and a little pop-up box will inform you of the result.... If you're not clear on how to do these, do more of the homework exercises for tutorial four.