Tutorial One:

    1. Multiple Choice

Tutorial Two:

    1. Multiple Choice: Validity and Soundness
    2. Drag: Validity
    3. Drag: Inductive/Deductive
    4. Multiple Choice: Validity, Soundness, Inductive, Deductive
    5. Matching: Concepts (This one is from the Power of Logic Online)
      flash! FLASH Lecture and Exercise Help

Tutorial Three:

    1. Drag: More Deductive Concepts

Tutorial Four:

    1. Symbolizations
    2. More symbolizations
    3. Multiple Choice Symbolizations
    4. Syntax for SL (This is syntax without names.)
    5. Exam

Tutorial Five:

    1. First Tables
    2. Full Tables
    3. Logical Truth (Flash Help)
    4. Validity

Tutorial Six

    1. First Derivations
    2. More problems using >E, &E, &I
    3. MT,DS,HS
    4. '=' and 'v'-rule derivations
    5. More derivations for '=' and 'v' rules
    6. Derivations using Negation rules
    7. More Derivations Using Negation Rules
    8. Multiple Choice: DN,AS,CM,DM,IM
    9. Derivations (using DN,AS,CM,DM,IM)
    10. More Derivations (using all rules)
    11. Derivations for Deductive Concepts (using all rules) So far we've used derivations to show that a conclusion can be validly derived. This problem shows how we can use derivations to test other deductive concepts -- like logical truth and logical equivalence. Pay close attention to the directions to get the idea. If it still seems unclear, check out the Logic Café on derivation tests for our deductive concepts.


Tutorial Seven: (there are so many exercises here, you may only want to think about doing the starred ones!)

    1. Multiple Choice: PL Symbolization Intro
    2. Symbolizations I *
    3. Symbolizations II *
    4. More Symbolizations
    5. Multiple Choice Symbolizations
    6. Categorical Symbolizations*
    7. More Categorical Symbolizations
    8. Exam

Tutorial Eight:

    1. Probability Calculations

Tutorial Nine:

    1. Programming the Turing Machine