Q7.3b More than one Quantifier

Replace the question marks (with a quantifier or connective) to symbolize the following.

universe of discourse: all living things
s: Shamu (the Seaworld orca)
g: the General Sherman tree (the
   largest tree in the world)
Ax: x is an animal
Bx: x is a beluga
Cx: x is a cat
Fx: x is a fish
Mx: x is a mammal
Nx: x lives in North America
Tx: x is a tree
Wx: x is a whale
Cxy: x is climbing y
Lxy: x is at least as large as y
  1. Some living thing is as as large as any other.
  2. Some cat is climbing some tree.
  3. Any fish is smaller than the General Grant tree. (Hint)
  4. Any fish is smaller than some mammal. (Hint)
  5. Some mammal is larger than every fish. (Hint)