Q7.3a Quantifier Type?

Replace the question marks (with a quantifier or connective) to symbolize the following.

universe of discourse: all living things
s: Shamu (the Seaworld orca)
g: the General Sherman tree (the
   largest tree in the world)
Ax: x is an animal
Bx: x is a beluga
Cx: x is a cat
Fx: x is a fish
Mx: x is a mammal
Nx: x lives in North America
Sx: x is a sea creature
Wx: x is a whale
Cxy: x is climbing y
Lxy: x is larger than y  
  1. Any beluga is a whale. (Hint)
  2. A beluga lives in North America. (Hint)
  3. A beluga is a mammal. (Hint)
  4. A sea creature which is a fish is not a whale.
  5. A sea creature living in North America is larger than Shamu.
  6. Any sea creature larger than Shamu is a mammal.
  7. If any belugas live in North America, then Shamu is a beluga. (Hint)