Symbolization with Identity — 9.1ex III

Symbolize the following.

universe of discourse: everything living in the White House.
g: George W. Bush
Dx: x is a dog
Lx: x is large
Px: x is a person
Rx: x is a Rottweiler
Oxy: x owns y
Ixy: x = y
  1. George owns exactly one dog (living in the White House). (Hint)
  2. Someone owns at least one Rottweiler.
  3. George owns no Rottweilers.
  4. There is exactly one dog owned by George.
  5. There are at least two dogs living in the White House.
  6. Everything living in the White House is a person except for one Rottweiler.(Hint)
  7. There is at most one dog living in the White House.
  8. George's dog is a Rottweiler. (Hint)
  9. The Rottweiler owned by George is large.
  10. All people except George are dog owners.