Complex Subjects and Predicates — 7.3ex III

Symbolize the following.

universe of discourse: everything
g: George W. Bush
u: the United States
Cx: x is a country
Fx: x is female
Gx: x has a government
Hx: x is heroic
Px: x is a person
Yx: x is a capital city
Ixy: x is located in y
Lxy: x is the leader of y
Kxy: x knows y
  1. Every country has some person as leader. (Hint)
  2. No country has a heroic leader. (Hint)
  3. Some countries have a female leader.
  4. No country has a leader who is not a person. (Hint)
  5. Every country has a capital city. (Hint)
  6. Every country has a capital city and a government.
  7. Every country with a capital city has a leader. (Hint)
  8. No country has a government yet no leader. (Hint)
  9. Someone is the leader of every country. (Hint)