More Symbolization — 7.2ex IV

Symbolize the following. If an example looks unfamiliar, try to figure it out before going to hints or answers. And if you still feel confused, read on to tutorial 7.3 for more comments on complex symbolization.

universe of discourse: all living things
s: Shamu (the Seaworld orca)
g: the General Sherman tree (the
   largest tree in the world)
Ax: x is an animal
Bx: x is a beluga
Cx: x is a cat
Fx: x is a fish
Mx: x is a mammal
Nx: x lives in North America
Sx: x is a sea creature
Wx: x is a whale
Cxy: x climbs y
Lxy: x is larger than y  
  1. No fish is a whale.
  2. Cats are mammals.(Hint)
  3. Only mammals are whales. (Hint)
  4. Shamu is larger than any beluga. (Hint)
  5. Cats are mammals and so are whales. (Hint)
  6. All belugas and cats are mammals. (Hint)
  7. No cat from North America climbs the General Sherman tree.
  8. The only belugas living in North America are smaller than Shamu. (Hint)
  9. Any sea creature is a mammal or a fish.(Hint)
  10. All belugas but no fish are mammals.
  11. Shamu is smaller than no fish from North America.
  12. Some living thing is larger than the General Sherman tree.(Hint)
  13. Some animal is bigger than the General Sherman tree.
  14. Shamu climbs no living thing.
  15. If no whale is a fish, then any fish is no beluga.