6.2ex I

For this exercise, simply select the best symbolization. Assume the universe of discourse is the set of all students in MI and that Ann (a) and Bob (b) are two of these people. Hxy: x has higher grades than y; Sx: x is a law student.
1. Ann is a law student only if her grades are higher than Bob's.
a) Sa>Hba
b) Hab>Sa
c) Sa>Hab

2. If everyone is a law student, then both Bob and Ann are.
a) (^x)(Sx>(Sab))
b) (%y)Sx > Sa & Sb
c) (^x)Sx>(Sa&Sb)

3. Someone is a law student, but not Bob.
a) (%y)Sy & ~Sb
b) (^y)Sy v ~Sb
c) Sa & ~Sb

4. Ann has higher grades than Bob, still she's not a law student.
a) ~Sa > Hab
b) Hab > ~Sa
c) Hab & ~Sa

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