Chapter 4 Review Exercises
ex II -- More Review Symbolizations

The following contain easy and more difficult examples. Make sure they all make sense to you!   Flash Symbolization Help

Use the following interpretation:

A: Ames is a politician.
B: Bates is a politician.
C: Connors is a politician.
D: Ames is disreputable.
E: Bates is emotional.
F: Connors is fastidious.

  1. Ames is a politician if he's not disreputable.
  2. Ames is a politician only if he's disreputable.
  3. Ames is a politician although he's disreputable.
  4. Ames isn't a politician unless he's not disreputable.
  5. Ames is a politician provided he's not disreputable.
  6. Neither Bates nor Connors is a politician.
  7. Bates and Connors aren't both politicians.
  8. Bates and Connors both aren't politicians.
  9. If either Bates or Connors is a politician, Ames is disreputable.
  10. If Bates is emotional unless Connors is a politician, then Ames is disreputable if and only if he's a politician.
  11. Bates is a politician unless Connors is not, in which case neither is a politician. (hint)
  12. It's not the case that all three are politicians.
  13. Exactly one of the three is a politician, but it's not Connors.
  14. If Connors is fastidious only if Bates emotional, then Connors is a politician unless Bates is not.
  15. For Connors to be a politician it's sufficient that she is fastidious, but being emotional is a necessary condition for Bates to be a politician.