2.5ex II
Logical Form

In this exercise, you are to pick out those sentences from a list which have a given logical form. For instance, on this first page, you are asked to pick out sentences with the form ~P&Q. All this form means is that the main connective of the given sentence is '&' and the first conjunct of this sentence is a negation. (Thus '~(AvS)&M' counts but '~Av(S&M)' does not. The latter has 'v' as its main connective.)

Which of the following sentences have the form '~P&Q'?

  1. ~A&B
  2. ~A&~B
  3. ~[(L&S)&G]
  4. ~(L&S)&G
  5. ~(L&S)&(GvS)
  6. ~~(L&S)&(GvS)
  7. (~A&S)&M
  8. ~A&(S&M)