2.4ex III

Symbolize each of the following. Once you have finished with any answer and moved on, the program will check your work. As long as your answer is logically equivalent to what I deem to be a correct answer, your answer will be counted as correct too.

  • Move on...after you have filled in an answer, you need to tell the computer you're finished. To do so, press the tab key, or click outside your answers field, or press enter (on some systems).
  • You can enter text without the shift-key. The program will understand -- but it will show the intended answer only after you move on.
  • Start...

Use the following interpretation:

L: Lamb works for OU.
M: Moss works for OU.
N: Nute works for OU.
     G: Lamb tends the OU golf course.
H: Moss manages the OU hotel.
A: Nute is an administrator.


  1. Either Lamb or Moss works for OU.
  2. Lamb works for OU only if Moss does.
  3. Lamb works for OU unless Moss does.
  4. Lamb works for OU if Moss does.
  5. If Nute works for OU, then she's an administrator.
  6. If Lamb works for OU then both Moss and Nute do too.
  7. Lamb's working for OU implies that he tends their golf course.
  8. Being an administrator is a necessary condition for Nute to work for OU.
  9. Being an administrator is a sufficient condition for Nute to work for OU.
  10. Being an administrator is a necessary and sufficient condition for Nute to work for OU.
  11. Nute works for OU but she is an administrator.
  12. Moss works for OU but doesn't manages the OU hotel.
  13. Moss manages the OU hotel if Nute is an administrator.
  14. Neither Moss nor Lamb works for OU.
  15. Moss and Lamb don't both work for OU.