2.2ex II

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1. A "metavariable" is
a. a variable ranging over all numbers. b. a variable ranging over all sentences of SL. c. a special kind of sentence of SL. d. none of the above.


2. Which of the following are metavariables:
a. #, $ b. P, Q c. >, = d. p, q


3. 'P&Q'
a. is a conjunction of SL. b. is nothing because of the quote marks. c. stands for any conjunction of SL.


4. Inclusive "or"
a. has nothing to do with wedge. b. means a disjunction assigned true when both its disjuncts are true. c. is really conjunction and should be symbolized with the '&'.


5. Exclusive "or"
a. may be symbolized with the wedge. b. is the English "or". c. is false when both disjuncts are true.


6. The wedge of SL is
a. inclusive "or". b. exclusive "or". c. neither of the above.



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