Exercises and Quizzes for Chapter Two


Q2.1a Conjunctions, Conditionals, Negations
Q2.1b Compound Sentence Types
Q2.2 Semantics for Conjunction and Disjunction
Q2.3 Truth Functional and non-Truth Functional Connectives
Q2.4 Symbolizing Conditionals
Q2.5a SL Sentences
Q2.5b Logical Form


2.1ex I Basic Symbolizations
         Flash: Chapter 2's Symbolizations
2.1ex II Multiple Choice

2.2ex I Drag
2.2ex II Multiple Choice: Semantics
2.2ex III More Semantics

2.3ex I Multiple Choice
2.3ex II Examples

2.4ex I Symbolizations
2.4ex II More Symbolizations
2.4ex III Still More Symbolizations

2.5ex I Basic Syntax
2.5ex II Logical Form

Review Puzzles and Exercises:I,II,III,Crossword