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Getting Started with the Logic Cafe

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1. This course will be concerned with
a. symbolic logic. b. travel to South America. c. Chris's grades.


2. Disjunctive syllogism is
a. a principle of logic involving different possibilities. b. a principle of logic relating only to higher mathematics. c. a principle of the law.


3. Did you notice that the "status bar" below is giving hints when you guide the mouse pointer over the choices?
a. Yes. b. No. c. I don't know.


4. What does "1.1ex I" mean? (It's at the top of this page.)
a. "1.1" means "Chapter One, section or tutorial one". "ex I" indicates the first group of exercises in 1.1. b. It doesn't mean anything. c. I don't know.


5. How will I keep track of which exercises, quizzes, and tutorials I've done and which ones I should be doing?
a. Go to the top-left of the Café and click on "resultsTrack" to see a list of finished problems. b. Go to the top-left of the Café and click on "notepad" to keep my own notes on my work and what I should do. c. Both of the above.



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