Exercises and Quizzes for Chapter One
(A   indicates completion; a indicates no results track)


Q1.1 First Concepts
Q1.2 Arguments
Q1.3 Deductive and Inductive
Q1.4a Deductive Concepts
Q1.4b More Deductive Concepts


1.1ex I Multiple Choice

1.2ex I Standard Form for Arguments (problems from T1.2)
1.2ex II More Standard Form (some easier problems)
1.2ex III More Arguments to put in standard Form (some a little harder)
1.2ex IV Multiple Choice
1.2ex V Valid Arguments...Dragging
1.2exVI Some Contemporary Arguments

1.3ex I A Drag
1.3ex II Multiple Choice
1.3ex III Informal Proofs

1.4ex I Another Drag
1.4ex II Multiple Choice
1.4ex III More Informal Proofs
1.4ex IV Proof by Example
1.4ex V Yet More Informal Proofs

Review Puzzle: Crossword
Review Quiz: Multiple Choice