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Exam...full length! One Week!!!





I. Stragegy Review and Homework

  1. Think about soundness and validity and the truth of an argument's conclusion.
    • Informally we can prove that a sound argument has a true conclusion: Proof:

    • So that we can transform this proof into an SD one think about our Strategy Guidelines (Review)

    • Let's do this one formally in SD (no short-cut rules)!

  2. Homework from 5.6













II. PL Introduction

  1. Suppose we have an argument like
          Bill and Ann are O.U. law students.
          All O.U. law students receive loans.
          Therefore, Bill and Ann receive loans.

    With SL, we can only symbolize this with compound sentences. We could use an interpretation like so:

  2. Names and Properties

    • Names...

    • Predicates...

  3. Quantifiers
    These are used to talk about the quantity of things: All or Some

    • Existential

    • Universal

  4. Problems



















  1. Review
    • Don't forget the SINGLE QUOTE and SLASH typing aids. These save a tremendous amount of time.
      • SINGLE QUOTE: just type for reiteration or automatic assumption (works only on the final goal)
      • SLASH: read about this one in T6!!!

  2. The two main types of rule are
    •   1. rules of          ???    


  3. Problems...

  4. For you to do... (problems 1-3)
    • Av~B,B / A
    • (A&C)vD,[(C&A)vD]>L / L
    • ~(A&B) / A>~B

  5. Homework Questions? (from 5.7)

  6. Final Rules (from W8 homework)

    Now try some (Problems 4 on)
    • ~(A=B),~A / B
    • ~(J&K)>~L / L>J  (try this one w/o doing a subderivaiton)
    • (AvA)>A    is a logical truth
    • (~FvK)&(~FvJ) / F>(K&J)






EXAM! Chapter 5 and a little of 4.








I. Review 5.7 stuff (just above).















II. 5.8 SD+ Strategy and Harder Derivations

  1. Don't forget to do the tutorials. This one is only four pages long. But you still should spend a good 20-40 minutes making sure you get the hints and strategy.     Let's begin working on one page.

  2. Demonstrations: make sure you work through these...
    • Think about DI (distribution). Here's a similar application of DI. Suppose you have this sentence...

    • So, let's do that demonstration (T5.8 p. 2)

    • Stratgy Guidelines



















































V. Mock Exam

(cafe derivations )