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final! Review sheet next time. Mock Exams next time. Review day? One week?







I. Pop-quiz paradox...













We'll see that the answer to the pop-quiz symbolization question involves saying that ALL remaining class days are IDENTICAL to either a, b, c, or d.


II. So: identity! We'll add one specific predicate to PL in order to make PLI, predicate logic with identity.

  1. Let's begin by saying that "George is identical to the president but distinct from the winner of the MI vote"

  2. How would we say that "George and someone else lives in the White House"?

  3. Now, symbolize: "At least two people live in the White House".

  4. Next: "All males except George live outside the White House."

  5. Finally: "The president lives in the White House"

  6. Problems











mockexam, evaluations later!

EXAM TIME: Noon to 3pn Monday!!!

Do: 6. Problems above

(Now, some review of PD and PD+ )

Review Session??? Friday...














III. Homework: The harder rules of PD and PD+

  1. Just what is PD? And PD+?

  2. Review

  3. Homework Problems from chapter 8? 8.4ex II?










IV. Applied Logic (or what we're here for)

  1. Analysis and Meaning

  2. Real Life Argument

  3. Programming is applied logic!

  4. Philosophy and Logic I:

  5. Philosophy and Logic II:









V. Review Sheet




VI. Mock Final Exam

  1. Do the new mock exams. See the syllabus for one. Here's another.
  2. (Optional:) Review the mock exams for Exam V. Look again at the one from last lecture.
  3. (Optional:) Try the next problem for more of a test:


















VI. A Harder Problem...