L1 W12        (L2)


exam: one week 5.8 - 8.1; see mock exam

DO: all tutorials; exams will take some problems from these.

Questions: (1) Which of the following styles is least distracting? -- I worry that some are too jumbled. (2) Do we need lots more in-class work and less listening?









Lecture 1...














I. Complex Symbolization Overview (7.3)

  1. The idea is to fit our two basic forms :

  2. Similarly for Universal Form:

  3. Next: "only"

  4. Problems


II. Derivations in PL

  1. Because of what '(^x)Bx' means......

  2. And because of what '(%y)Sy' means...

  3. Let's try some!


  4. The new rule, ^I, has provisos!

    • One can't just argue that...

    • So, let's apply ^I. And don't forget the "*" tool for assumptions.


III. Semantics Homework? Other Homework?






















EXAM! (there could be some extra credit)

NOTE: PL as of 8.1 includes all of SD+

Office hours?


























IV. Pigs Feet...

  1. It's even harder to think about %E.

    Just because you know that someone has property P does not mean that you know who that person is.

    Maybe you've been in the neigborhood delis in Chicago. And seen the pickled pigs feet for sale by the gallon! But you have no idea who does the buying.

    Now, what do you do with a premise that someone likes pigs' feet?


  2. Oh, and how do we write %I?
















V. Homework for 8.2






VI. QN...our one short-cut rule

  1. This one's easy: For example...

  2. Our new rule formalizes this kind of reasoning:

  3. Problems...

    (skip to Pop-Quiz Paradox)

  4. Strategy





























VII. Pop-quiz paradox...



(skip to Mock Exam: VIII on Identity is repeated in Lectures for W13.)



VIII. And now for identity!

The word "is" is ambiguous.










































IX. Mock Exam