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Note: change to "universe of discourse" from 'UD'. But I may have changed too much.






I. Syntax and Symbolization Review

  1. Syntax:

  2. Symbolization Review

  3. Homework Questions?
















III. Symbolizations with Basic Forms for categorical logic.

  1. As symbolizations get a little harder, we'll need to fit them into a couple of basic forms. Here's the first form.

  2. Problems

  3. The Second Basic Form

  4. More Problems






















III. Semantics

  1. Interpretations

  2. Problems


  3. Consider the following interpetation.

    Universe of Discourse: Positive Integers, 1,2,3,4,...

    Gxy: x is greater than y

    Prove that (*) '(^x)(%y)Gyx' is true on the given interpretation.      Fill in...










  4. Semantics Review
    1. Interpretations

    2. So, an interpretation gives a truth value assignment for PL. For (*) '(^x)(Mx>Gx)',


  5. More Semantical Definitions

  6. Problems













IV. Categorical Logic

  1. Traditional categorical logic (the logic which relates categories or one-place predicates) involves two further basic forms



  2. Problems

V. Complex Symbolizations

Here are but a few of the many quantifier complications you will in natural language. Read about more in the tutorials and reference!

  1. Quantifier Type Complications

    • Each

    • A

    • Any

  2. Multiple Quantification


  3. Complex Subjects and Predicates

  4. Problems...

  5. Something more fun...

  6. Homework