L1 W        (L2)

Exam soon




I. Strategy Review (from last week)



II. Warm-up
















III. Exam






















exam return
-4 1/2    A-
-9        B-
-13 1/2  C-
-18       D-

Exam V: two weeks!







IV. PL again

  1. Review
    • This 'PL' means what???

    • Idea : Predicates and Names

    • Quantifiers

    • Exercises

    • Homework Questions? (6.1ex IV)

  2. Relations

  3. Syntax

    • Formulas

    • Problems

    • More Definitions

  4. Problems

  5. One final syntactical definition will come in handy when we discuss the semantical issues and derivations of the next two chapters:


V. More Symbolizations


















VI. Derivations! Let's just try some. We'll just try to figure out the rules as we go.
















VII. Homework