Logic Café Lectures

Click on a week number (on the left) to get notes as I give them. Of course, another instructor should edit these. The best editor for them is Dreamweaver (a free trial is available from Macromedia). But other web editors will do. You can even edit these in Outlook Express.

These notes are a first draft of notes meant to take the student through the Logic Café. The later lectures tend to better. I'll work more on the first seven or eight.

The "Pink Board" (link on the left) is the Café's version of a white board. Typing on it gives the logic font. E.g., type '>' and you'll get a horseshoe (after you've installed the logic font -- see the directions on the Café page).

Double clicking on a lecture causes it to move forward. Double click right now (on these words or thereabout) to get the page to move forward.

Comments and corrections more than welcome.