ProctorU Automated Proctoring

Each student enrolled in this course needs to complete the following so that they are ready to take any online assessment in the course that uses ProctorU:

  1. Create a ProctorU Account by selecting the Test-Taker option. It can take 24-48 for ProctorU accounts to be approved by ProctorU. Plan accordingly before your upcoming exams. 

  2. Make sure that your computer and system requirements are set up to use ProctorU by referencing the Test Taker Resource Center

  3. Install the ProctorU extension for Chrome or Firefox. You must do this before you can access ProctorU in Moodle.

  4. Test your equipment through the account homepage. If you are experiencing issues, there is help available through ProctorU. You will not have access to take the exams if you do not have an account in ProctorU or your system and computer are not set up properly.

How to Take a ProctorU Exam

Once you have an account with ProctorU and the extension installed, you will need to do the following to take an exam:


  1. Login to Moodle

  2. Login to ProctorU through the ProctorU extension

  3. Click on the exam you need to take in your Moodle course

  4. Go through the authentication process. The automated ProctorU system will enter the password, and then the exam will officially start. The timer for the exam does not start until after the first question is loaded. If you are unable to get through the authentication process, try clearing your browser history and then retry the process.

  5. If you try to refresh your screen or click off the window it will lock you out of the exam. Anything that is not allowed will cause the exam to end. 

  6. If you experience issues during the process, you will want to use the Need Help? Chat Now tab on the bottom right of the screen, or call ProctorU help line at (855) 772-8678.

For a demo of this process, view the ProctorU Introduction for Students video followed by the ProctorU Auto Demo for Test-Takers video.