Chapter Eight:
Philosophical Logic

In this chapter, we discuss some of the details of "philosophical" logic. This means that we'll study the kinds of logic that have been especially interesting to philosophers. Much of this material is in the [gold] category. Your professor may pick and choose from all this.



  1. Critical Thinking
  2. [gold] Probability
  3. [gold] Scientific Inference as Inductive Logic
  4. [gold] Extensional and Intensional Logic
  5. [gold] Modal Logic
  6. [gold] Counterfactual Logic
  7. [gold] Applied Logic: Programming
  8. [gold+]Metatheory (This material is appropriate only for an advanced symbolic logic class. But you are more than welcome to look at it.)



8.1a Critical Thinking

8.2a Probability I
8.2b Probability II
8.2c Probability III