Chapter Seven:
Predicate Logic: Symbolization and Deduction

In this chapter, we do full-scale predicate logic. This may sound difficult...but fortunately we've done most of the work already.



(Selected Answers for some of the exercise problems below.)

Tutorial One:  PD: Derivations for PL Made Easy

    Q7.1a First Derivations in PD: Drop-down
    Q7.1b Your First PD Derivations
    Q7.1c QN Derivation Drop-down
    Q7.1d More QN Derivations
    7.1a Derivations for ^E and %I
                  Flash!Video Lectures for 7.1a
    7.1b Derivations with QN
                  Flash!Video Lectures for 7.1b
    7.1c Easier Derivations meant for class
    7.1d More Derivations
    7.1e Easy derivations for class
    7.1f Black Friday Edition Derivation


Tutorial Two: A Special Case: Derivations in Categorical Logic
Flash!Video Lectures for 7.2

7.2a Finishing Obversion
7.2b Two Equivalent Symbolizations for Negative Categoricals
7.2c Two More


Tutorial Three: PD completed: ^I and strategy

Q7.3a Drop-down for ^I
7.3a Derivations with ^I
              Flash!Video Lectures for 7.3a
7.3b Four Harder Derivations with ^I and QN
              Flash!Video Lectures for 7.3b
7.3c Introductory ^I Problems for Class
7.3d Review Exercises 7.1-7.3 (for class)
7.3e Still More EZ Review exercises
7.3f Somewhat Harder Derivations
              Flash!Video Lectures for 7.3f
7.3g More
7.3h Problems to remind you of Categorical Logic
7.3i Problems (and answers) from the second Mock Exam (just part XIII)

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