Chapter Four:
Sentence Logic: Tables and Symbolizations

In this chapter, we utilize the table definitions to analyze SL sentence meaning, clarify our deductive concepts, and clarify symbolization of natural language (English) into SL. Put another way, we're trying to get some value out of SL for understanding the logic of English.


Tutorial One: Simple Truth Tables

4.1a Tables
4.1b More Tables
4.1c Yet More Tables
4.1d Tables for Class
     flash! Video Lecture: 4.1 exercises


Tutorial Two: Full Truth Tables

4.2a Full Tables I
4.2b Number of Rows
4.2c Full Tables II
4.2d Full Tables III
     flash! Video Lecture: 4.2 exercises


Tutorial Three: Tests of concepts: Logical truth and Equivalence

4.3a Logical Truth
4.3b Logical Truth, Self-contradiction, Contingent
4.3c Logical Equivalence I
4.3d Logical Equivalence II
      flash! Video Lecture: 4.3 exercises


Tutorial Four: Tests of concepts: Validity

Video Intro

4.4a Validity I
4.4b Validity II
4.4c Validity Exercises for Lectures
      flash! Video Lecture: 4.4 exercises


Tutorial Five: Third pass at Symbolization

4.5a Multiple Choice
4.5b Symbolizations
4.5c Lots of Symbolizations
4.5d Symbolzations with Names
4.5e Symbolizations to help with Chapter Five
4.5f Symbolizations for Lecture
      flash! Video Lecture: 4.5 exercises



Chapter Four Reference

Quizzes and Presentations

Q4.1 Truth Assignment