Chapter Three:
Ampliative Reasoning and Informal Logic

There are many apects of inductive thinking. We'll touch on just a few in this chapter.

It may be best to do one section of this chapter one week, then wait for another week to move to the next. In the mean time, you may move on to later chapters.


Tutorials and Reference

Tutorial One: "Ampliative" Reasoning and Inductive Argument Types

3.1a Inductive vs. Deductive, Informal vs. Formal, Cogent vs. Sound
3.1b Analogical Reasoning
      Flash! 3.1 Analogy Evaluation for Posting


Tutorial Two: Diagramming and Evaluating Informal Arguments: Araucaria Again

3.2a Evaluating Extended Arguments with Araucaria
      Flash! 3.2 Video LECTURE: Rebuttal Posting (with or without Araaucaria)


Tutorial Three: Informal Fallacies: Relevance

3.3a Fallacies of Relevance
           Flash! Video Lectures for Informal Fallacies
3.3b More Fallacies of Relevance


Tutorial Four: Informal Fallacies: Ambiguity

3.4a Fallacies of Ambiguity
           Flash! Video Lectures for Informal Fallacies
3.4b Fallacy Posting


Tutorial Five: Informal Fallacies: Presumption

3.5a Fallacies of Presumption
           Flash! Video Lectures for Informal Fallacies
3.5b Fallacies of Presumption
3.5c Fallacy Posting


    Chapter Reference

    Now, which fallacy is this?