Chapter Two:
Deductive Concepts and Sentence Logic

In this chapter, we discuss some of the details of formal, deductive logic. Your insturctor may choose to look to chapter three and informal logic first.


Tutorials and Reference

Tutorial One: Forms and Formal Fallacies
     1) Fallacies
flash! mini-lecture: Formal Fallacies
     2) Logical Equivalence and Possibility
       flash!FlashBoard: Conditionals and Logical Equivalence

2.1a Formal Drag
2.1b Auracaria Again


Tutorial Two: SL first pass
1) Sentence letters and Connectives
     2) Proper Names and Predicates

2.2a Symbolizations I
    flash! mini-lecture: 2.2a
2.2b Multiple Choice on Symbolizatons
    flash! mini-lecture: Conditonals
2.2c Symbolizations II
    flash! mini-lecture: 2.2c-d Symbolizations
2.2d Symbolizations with Names
    flash! mini-lecture: Names
2.2e More Symbolizations (for lecture)
2.2f Conditional Symbolizations (for FLASH lecture)
2.2g More Symbolizations (for FLASH lecture)
2.2h Yet More Symbolizations (for FLASH lecture)


Tutorial Three: Semantics and Syntax
1) Truth Table Definitions for SL Connectives
     2) Grammar for SL
       flash!FlashBoard: Sentence Construction

2.3a Semantics: the meaning of the connectives
2.3b Syntax: Grammar for SL
    flash! mini-lecture: 2.3b Help
2.3c Mutitple Choice: Semantics
2.3d Multiple Choice: Syntax
2.3e Main Connectives (very important)
Q2.3 Main Connective Check (very important)


Tutorial Four: Deductive Concepts, Possibilty, and Intuitive SL Examples
flash! mini-lecture: Concepts and SL

2.4a Multiple Choice: Deductive Concepts


Tutorial Five: Symbolization II
    flash! mini-lecture: Slightly Harder Symbolizations

2.5a Symbolizations I
2.5b Symbolizations II
2.5c Symboizations III
2.5d Symbolizations with Names
2.5e Symbolizations with Names II



Chapter Two Reference

Quizzes and Presentations

 P1 flash! mini-lecture: Getting Started with Chapter 2
 Q2.1 Symbolizing Drag
Q2.2 Symbolizations
Q2.3a SL Sentences
Q2.3b Main Connective Check (very important)
Q2.4a Deductive Concepts
Q2.4b More Deductive Concepts