Chapter 8, Tutorial 1
Critical Thinking and Logic

Critical thinking? This is much broader than logic. To be a critical thinker means so many things: to be alert to evidence while aware of the possibilities of deception. To be ready to draw the right conclusions, interpret...Ack! These are just banal generalizations. To learn what counts as critical thinking you'll need to dig in and look at it in action. So, the "tutorial" is just a call to further work. You may want to start with some of these sources:

How to think like a nurse.

Statistical thinking for writers. And for kids: how to cheat with statistics.

Healthy Skepticism

Critical Thinking for the Army

Fitting Logic and the Analysis of Language into the wider Critical Thinking

Christian Logic...not really any different from atheist logic, is it? (I found the reference to this site from someone saying "I'm an atheist but find this a good introduction.") You will in any case find some of this straight logic, some of it provocative.

Speaking of Atheism: The Atheism Web on Logic.


You'll find lots more online if you need more. Just goggle "critical thinking in ___.". Fill in the blank with a profession or area of interest. Maybe with "business".